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Not Now Im Writing Academy is live and is currently featuring one course: How to Journal.

This course is an updated version of my previous free journaling course. It’s free and is my test subject for using Podia (the platform I’ve chosen to host my new writing academy).

I’m still learning this platform, so, you know, mind the dust and what not.

Originally published at on February 21, 2021.

As I write this, I am resting with my feet up in a friend’s barn. The Beard is quietly working at a desk, and the River dog is sleeping at my feet.

Bad weather is only an hour away from Nashville where we are currently parked. We packed up computers and stopped for coffee. Now, we are listening closely to the rain outside from the safety of this large, durable structure.

This, in my mind, is the only downside to living in an RV — running from the weather.

Whenever there are tornado warnings, we have to abandon ship. So…

I owned over 250 books before I moved into our Grand Design Reflection. Most of them I had read multiple times, and some of them I had not read at all.

There was no way I was going to be able to fit all 250 books inside my RV along with all of my notebooks, specialty pens, and knitting materials.

I am one of those people who believe that once you read a book, it is a part of you, so getting rid of it is not very easy.

Before stowing all of my books away in my brother’s garage…

It was well after 1 AM when we stopped at the KOA in Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. It was the first day of our trip from Nashville, Tennessee to the Grand Canyon pulling our 34-foot Grand Design Reflection with our 2016 RAM 2500.

I had originally scheduled a stop at the Sallislaw, Oklahoma KOA, which met our day one goal of getting past Arkansas, but when we arrived after hours, there was no paperwork waiting for us. Checking my reservation, I found out I’d booked a site for the next night. …

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Photo by recha oktaviani on Unsplash

Last year we took a week-long trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia, where we stayed at the wonderful Jekyll Island Campground. We were given a pretty spacious, reasonably level pull-through site for the week. It was even shaded, which is a nice luxury in South Georgia.

The setup went smoothly until I hooked up the waterline. At their spigot, I had a steady, thin stream of water shooting six feet out toward the road. It was the sort of water spray like my dad used to do with his thumb over the end of the hose while washing his car to…

Whether we’re setting up our camper or getting ready to move it, Barbara invariably asks where my gloves are when I’m dealing with the sewer hookups. I always tell her that I don’t need them because I set the hoses up with one clear goal in mind:

I will not get shit on myself.

I’ve been in this camper for two years now, and the shit’s always gone where I wanted it to go. Here’s what I use and how I hook it up to make sure that stays true.

Gate Valve

I use a Valterra Twist on Waste Valve hooked directly…

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I had excellent plans. Plans that neatly placed all of business in one box and under one umbrella. Plans that I assumed would make it easier for me to do my social media work and newsletter writing.

Spoiler — I was wrong. I was wrong not once, but twice!

I started an educational writing platform under my small press just to find out that the people that were visiting the site and buying the books were only interested in, well, books!

Then, I moved my learning platform to my personal log just to discover that I do not want to…

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Many of you have enjoyed my writing classes on Skillshare and Udemy. I am very grateful for that. I love hosting courses on these platforms. I also want to host some live writing classes for you all which I cannot do on either of these platforms. To do that, I need a little more access and control over the platform I’m using. With that in mind, I have started building out LEARN.HELLOTHISISBARBARA.COM.

What does this mean for Skillshare and Udemy?
Nothing. The courses available on Skillshare and Udemy will be there until the sites shut down (barring any unforeseen circumstances).

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On my birthday, I take my mom out. She did all the work, so why are the presents for me? Last year, I outdid myself and took her to a Beach Boys concert. There is no topping that. I see that now. This year, I took her to the Frist museum to see Picasso. When I saw the exhibit was opening on my birthday, I thought, “Yes. Perfect. This will be super cool. How often do we get to just go down the street and see Picasso? This will be cool.” Two paintings in, I knew I had made a…

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